Hello! We expect everyone to know basic rules, new members should read through this list, so we can keep this wiki a great and wonderful place for everyone!

Page Creation Rules

When you create a page, please try to speak politely, as that is quite important. DO NOT edit others' pages in disrespectful ways and please also keep the pages on topic. Keep it clean or you will receive an infraction. Be polite and be serious, and this will stay a good friendly place.

General Rules

~Please leave edit summaries when asked, it does help. -Keep respect toward others, so this stays a good place. -Use polite language. Vulgar or inappropriate language is not tolerated here. -Edit when needed. -Please make pages detailed. We only want pages that contribute to the wiki usefully.

(All pages violating rules may be deleted without warning. Banning from the wiki should not occur immediately or without warning. Be respectful and follow the rules. This page may change, so check back often please.)