Rottweilers have very unique looks, they are very unique indeed. They were bred to look how they do, and they have good features.

Fur and LimbsEdit

The classic and standard Rottweiler has a short tail or no tail, they are born with one though. The puppy has the tail amputated, as that is the classic look of the Rottweiler. They have muscular bodies, black fur, and tan to ebony brown markings, unique almost like a fingerprint. They have them on their chests, feet, legs, and tail.

The Classy PetEdit

Rottweilers are descendants of mastiffs, so they have serious muscle, too. They are difficult to deal with if they aren't trained correctly. As with all dogs, the best time to train is as a puppy. Their growing minds are more capable of learning, and they don't know what life is like, what to expect. But as they become older, they still can learn!